Our History

Inspiration and positive growth

The Australian College of Training and Employment (ACTE) has been operating across Australia as a leading training provider for over 10 years.

Originally starting as a small Registered Training Organisation (RTO), ACTE specialised in education, information technology and children services qualifications. From these humble beginnings ACTE spread across Queensland and became one of the most trusted and recognised training providers in the State, with success that can be linked back to its unique learning model: focus on personalised and tailored training, low student to tutor ratios and highly engaged and motivated staff.

By 2010 ACTE expanded operations into New South Wales and developed a host of new courses in financial services, health, business, management and workplace health and safety training. Building on the success in Queensland, ACTE quickly started to build its name across New South Wales winning multiple awards and student accolades.

Fast forward to 2016 and, in addition to its innovative distance learning delivery model, ACTE now operates across five States (Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia and Western Australia), and 27 campus locations with more than 600 staff and 8,200 students. ACTE specialises in qualifications across business and management, community services, counselling, creative industries, information technology, travel, tourism and events and beauty faculties.

In 2014 ACTE established one of Australia’s first Academic Quality Assurance Board (AQAB) focussed on Vocational Education and is now setting its sights on achieving its vision to become Australia’s leading education provider.

ACTE - Our History